Financial Information

Payment Options

When you make the decision for you or your child to receive orthodontic treatment, it’s not just a financial decision—you’re investing in the future. That’s why Sawyer Creek Orthodontics is happy to work with you to make your decision a reality by offering a variety of payment options that work with both your budget and your lifestyle.

Payment methods

  • Payment in full, with discounts available
  • In-office payment plans, with flexible arrangements to meet your budget needs
  • Payment plans via CareCredit®
  • Automatic account withdrawal
  • Online payments

Accepted forms of payment

  • Cash or check
  • MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover® and American Express®
  • Flexible spending benefit cards

Accepted insurance

Orthodontics is considered a benefit under many dental insurance plans. Typically, insurance will pay a percentage of any recommended treatment, up to a maximum lifetime benefit. We are pleased to say Sawyer Creek Orthodontics accepts insurance benefits from most dental plans.

Dental insurance plans may specify which providers are covered for general dental needs (cleanings, fillings, etc.). However, in most cases, orthodontic benefits can be used at Sawyer Creek Orthodontics whether or not we are listed as a preferred provider.

When speaking with your dental insurance company’s customer service representative, specifically ask if you will receive your orthodontic benefit if you have treatment in our office. Better yet, contact our full-time insurance coordinator, and we will verify your benefit for you.

The staff members are professional and personable - a great balance. They made my son feel like a person, not a patient. Well done!

— Nathan S.