Braces for Children

A beautiful smile starts early with orthodontic care

There’s no set age for children to visit an orthodontist, but the American Association of Orthodontics does recommend seeking consultation around age 7, when a child’s permanent front teeth start appearing, and we agree. This is the age that overbites, overcrowding and other problems may become apparent and an initial orthodontic exam is helpful.

Sometimes, a child has tooth problems such as misalignment due to sucking fingers, losing baby teeth early, or crooked teeth caused by an accident. Dentists may or may not notice these issues during checkups. Often, dentists will recommend visiting an orthodontist because the earlier problems are diagnosed the easier it is to treat them properly, but if your dentist has not referred your child, and you would like to simply get more information on what is happening in your child’s developing mouth, please do not hesitate to schedule a complimentary exam in our office.


Getting started with orthodontics

When you bring your child in for an initial, complimentary orthodontic visit, we will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth and jaw alignment to determine what problems, if any, exist. After this initial consultation, we design a course of orthodontic treatment. Depending on your child’s specific corrective needs, the treatment may start soon, or it may not begin for quite a while. Some problems are best treated while a child’s baby teeth are still in place, between the ages of 7 and 9. Other issues may require waiting until your child is between 10 and 13, when their permanent teeth have come in.

For children who don’t yet need orthodontic treatment, we will put them in our Observation Program. While in this program, you’ll be asked to bring in your child once or twice a year so that we can monitor his or her growth and development. These appointments are free of charge.

Reasons children may need braces

No matter what their ages, children may show signs that indicate the need for braces, including:

  • Baby teeth falling out early or late
  • Excessive thumb or finger sucking
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Crowded teeth, unnatural spacing or teeth coming in strange places
  • Jaws that are painful or make clicking/popping sounds
  • Teeth or jaws that are out of proportion to each other or your child’s face
  • Teeth out of alignment, including crooked teeth or teeth that don’t meet when biting
  • Frequent headaches
  • Difficulty breathing, persistent snoring habits or grinding of the teeth

Call us for a free consultation

If you notice your child having any troubles such as those noted above, or if you have concerns about the alignment of your child’s teeth, contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation. You don’t need to wait for a dentist referral! We will be the first to tell you if your child does not need anything done and put your mind at rest that they have been checked for dental growth and development problems. We believe orthodontics for children starts early so we can give your child a healthy, beautiful smile that will last their entire life. Call 920-231-4922 to learn more.

The staff was amazing with my 6 year old daughter. They made her first "scary" appointment fun! She is no longer afraid of coming back.

— Paige Z.