It’s not uncommon to see children in middle school starting their orthodontic treatment. This often leaves parents wondering, can you get braces with baby teeth?

The short answer: Yes, we can start treatment while baby teeth are in.

There is a common misconception that all permanent teeth need to be in before any orthodontic treatment can be started. But that’s not the case. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first orthodontic consultation by age 7. A consultation at this age allows our orthodontists to take a proactive approach and correct some issues early on. 

Why do you start braces while baby teeth are still in?

There are several reasons why we would start orthodontic treatment early, including:

  1. Crossbites: Early treatment, or interceptive treatment, is often necessary if the upper jaw is narrow or a crossbite is present. This phase of treatment occurs when several baby teeth are still in place.
  2. Overbites: Overbites are best treated when a child is going through their pubertal growth spurt, which can coincide with baby teeth still in place.
  3. Crowding: Our orthodontists will often get started when the last four baby molars are still in place. The last four baby molars are bigger than the adult teeth that replace them. This allows our orthodontists to utilize the bits of extra space when the baby teeth fall out to help alleviate crowding.

What happens if a baby tooth falls out during treatment?

No need to panic! When we put braces on, we do not put brackets on the baby teeth, allowing them to still fall out naturally. Once the new adult tooth underneath erupts, we will place a bracket on the tooth and bring it into alignment.

Will my child need orthodontic treatment more than once if braces are put on while baby teeth are in?

If your child has early treatment such as an expander or crossbite appliance, there is usually a second round of treatment with braces closer to middle school age. When a child doesn’t require any early treatment, only one set of braces should be necessary if retainers are worn after orthodontic treatment is complete.

If our doctors anticipate your child is going to have unfavorable jaw growth, they will let you know if they think multiple sets of braces or surgery are expected.

Consultation for peace of mind

Being proactive with an orthodontic consultation early on will ensure your child has the smoothest orthodontic journey possible. There are several issues that are more difficult to treat as an adult and can result in the loss of permanent teeth or require surgery.

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