Say Goodbye to Awkward and Uncomfortable Dental Impressions

Ask anyone who’s had braces what their least favorite thing about them is, and many are sure to answer: The molds or impressions. For as long as many can remember, this vital mold of your teeth was done through uncomfortable and messy impressions.

Not anymore! When you are ready to get started with orthodontic treatment at Sawyer Creek Orthodontics, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that getting an impression taken of your teeth is not the first step.

Long gone are those days, thanks to digital impression scanning. Digital impression scanning allows doctors to map out your treatment plan and determine how they are going to give you the smile you deserve; without the mess. A digital scan only takes about 5-10 minutes and can usually be done the same day you’re ready to start orthodontic treatment.


How does the scanner work?

Using a wand with a camera on the end, the assistant or orthodontist will glide the wand along the front, back and biting surfaces of your teeth. The images taken create a digital impression of the oral cavity. See the video below.


What can you do with digital impressions?

The better question is: What can’t we do with digital impressions? Digital impression scanning allows us to make several appliances including expanders, retainers, crossbite appliances, splints and much more.

When it comes to traditional braces, scanning allows us to create your treatment plan so that our doctors can determine how they want to move your teeth. The scan also allows the doctors to have your braces all set and ready to go when you come in to have brackets placed. Instead of putting one bracket on at a time, the doctors can transfer all of your brackets on at once, which means less time in cheek retractors for you!

Scanning also plays a vital role for patients taking advantage of aligner systems, such as our Confident Aligners or Invisalign. Once we have a digital scan of your teeth, doctors can create your Confident Aligners in-office using our 3D printing technology. If you are working with Invisalign, once our treatment plan is complete, we send it to Invisalign to create your aligners.


See Your Smile Before You Start

Sometimes our doctors will use the digital scan to determine if teeth need to be removed or if restorations will need to be done for your orthodontic plan. Not only does the scan allow the doctors to finalize those decisions, the scan also allows them to set up your treatment so that you can see what your final smile will look like with aligners.


Are there ANY cases we still use Impressions?

If the doctor determines that they would like retainers made the same day your braces are removed, they likely will have an impression taken so that we can get the retainers done at that appointment.

Does no-impressions-needed treatment sound appealing to you? Contact our office at 920-231-4922 to set up a free consultation.